One of the things that first drew me to working with natural wool was its smell…

that earthy reminder that this is the product of a living, breathing animal of which we are harvesting a product.

Wool (& other sheared animal fibers) have a connection to the natural world that man made (or grown) materials lack.

The life they were shorn from.

As they did on the sheep, these fibers keep you warm, “clothed” protected & adorned & because of that, I want to convey to you, the honor I feel for these amazing fibers…

WovenHomeDesign’s is more than just a pretty place for wool blankets…

Here, you’ll find jewelry, pillows, throws, wall decor & personal accessories (think purses & clutches) that are original & one of a kind….

all made with love, respect & care.

Show to the world an authentic, edgier side of yourself

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