a Woman. a Home. a Business.
“Renaissance (wo)Man”.

The term, historically, has been used to describe someone who does many things well.
Seems like a good thing, Right?
Well….. maybe.
Sometimes, being good at many things can impede your journey towards greater accomplishments.
…or not.
That being said…I am pretty good at a lot of things.
I have an Education Degree.
I’m a Wine Educator.
I’m comfortable in the woods & can teach you how to survive in them.
I’ve been known to work on my own car in the past.
I was a poet for a time…maybe circling back to that soon.
I’ve butchered pigs & sold artisinal pork in NYC.
I was once a waitress…many times.
I can sell ice to an eskimo, (or bartender, or anyone else who doesn’t need more ice in their lives.)
I was a hairstylist
…and then a makeup artist.
I’ve managed a few retail establishments in my time.
I was (hope to be again) a rock climber & avid hiker.
And apparently, I can cobble together a website.
Dang…that all sounds super *%$!# boastful.
But believe me…I’m not a show off.
In all honesty, I have a tendency to not take praise well at all & deflect it towards others when it comes my way.
I definitely have my faults.
And with all of that…I’m proud to say… I am a Renaissance Woman.
And it is because of this “talent” or lack of, that I was led to today.
To WovenHomeDesign’s the business, & to our little WovenHome residence, that I share with my husband Paul (here-to-forward known as “P”) & our three cats (yes 3).
It is this house & the little studio room in it, that allows me the separation from the world surrounding it. It is here that I unleash my ideas & designs & dreams & fears.
This little room that I run to in an attempt to grow & dream & create.
WovenHomeDesign’s is where I can take all of my talents & blend them together to maybe, finally, bloom fully.
Passion can do that to you…pull you to & fro until you stumble on something that just “fits.” A life that just makes you happy.
And if you can live at it…even if it’s just barely…isn’t that worth the risk?